Tier.net – St Apollinaris Hospital KZN

Tony Linden of Catholic Relief Services, providing the  SACBC AIDS Office with M & E, spent time  at Ethembeni clinic at St Apollinaris hospital at Centocow, KZN. One of the objectives was to ensure the final conversion of the PEPFAR Patient Data System data to the Department of Health Tier.net requirements and the going “live” of the tier.net with this imported data.

A total of 5055 patients were transferred from the PDS to the Tier system. The data imported is complete. All the patients prior visits and scripts issued have been captured together with the all the lab results. Basically no back capturing is required for the process. This is a huge time saving.

If by our estimations that within the next two months all the current active patients will have attended the clinic and their visit details been captured, then the tier.system will be really up to date and be in a position that the clinic could start reporting the tier.net reporting requirements.

The Tier.net is now in St Apolliaris hospital and it is for the DOH team and the hospital M&E team to take full ownership and make it the success it deserves to be.