Tier.net St Mary’s Hospital, Mariannhill, KZN

Tony Linden of the SACBC/CRS team worked with St Mary’s hospital Mariannhill, a treatment site formerly supported by the SACBC AIDS Office PEPFAR grant to ensure the final conversion of the Patient Data System  data to the Department of health Tier.net requirements and the going “live” of the tier.net with this imported data.

A total of 10070 patients was transferred from the PDS to the Tier system. These are “ALL” patients both active and non active from St Anne’s as well as Ithemba clinics. Copies of the backup and restore process have been sent to the data unit supervisor to complete the restore process.

The data imported is complete. All the patients prior visits and scripts issued have been captured together with the all the lab results. Basically no back capturing is required for the process. This is a huge time saving.

It is estimated that within the next two months all the current active patients will have attended the clinic and their visit details captured, then the tier.system will be really up to date and be in a position that the clinic could start reporting the tier.net reporting requirements.  This is based on full time daily capturing of patient visits.

What is now needed is that the DOH takes responsibility for the system

  • Identifying and training of data capture staff to take responsibilty for the system. For the Tier.net to become successful the data capturing will need to be a full time responsibilty.
  • If more capturings is required needing more data capturers then networking will be the way to go. The Tier2 system (one currently installed) can be networked if need be, but will require the IT people to do so together with the Tier.net technical assistance group.
  • The Tier.net version needs to be updated so that the DHIS data can extracted as well.
  • A descision will need to be taken regarding the Outreach sites and where data should be imported.

The Tier.net is now in St Mary’s hospital and it is now for the DOH team and the hospital M&E team to take full ownership and make it a success.