Mpumalanga Visit

Mpumalanga Visit

Nondumiso Jwara, Sibonakaliso Mkhize and Tinyiko Chauke visited sites in Mpumalanga from 20 to 24 August 2012.

The 20th and 21st were spent at Asiphilenikahle Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project:

The filing system that Sibonakaliso had previously set up for them is working well and they are keeping it up to date.

Tinyiko ran a PSS workshop for them. The group identified areas in which they need more help in follow up workshops

o   Maths classes for high school children on weekends

o   Hygiene workshops

o   HIV workshops

o   Psycho-social support for  the children

The 22nd  and 23rd were spent at Vezokuhle HBC:

Tinyiko facilitated a nice team-building activity for the site. Conflict Management training went smoothly. The participants were lively and participated fully. There was a request for Tinyiko to conduct psycho-social support training with the caregivers. What is encouraging about this group is their dedication; positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

They are very excited about the shelter improvement project and the need in Sandriver Trust is enormous. A meeting with one board member and the coordinator regarding OVC shelter improvement was held and they are compiling a list of what needs to be fixed in which households.