Visit to Early Childhood Development programme diocese of Kroonstad

Visit to Virginia, Diocese of Kroonstad , April 2012

The SACBC AIDS Office met with the Kroonstad AIDS Commission concerning after school programmes and early childhood development training programmes in April 2012.

The Kroonstad AIDS Commission had organised training for caregivers in the after school care program. The training was facilitated by Ms Dimpho of the Free State Regional Department of Education. Part of the training was to equip caregivers with knowledge on how to identify various learning disabilities among the children and how to work together with schools. This training will strengthen the after school care program and the general education program since they are the core areas of operation within the Kroonstad OVC project.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Meeting

There was also a meeting with Ms Alice Phirime of Realeboga Bakubung, Ms Dimpotse Hlalele from the Department of Education and Sr Obehi. This meeting was centred on early childhood development accredited training. As the AIDS Office has opted to conduct accredited training it was necessary that we meet with an accredited service provider. Ms Alice Phirime made a presentation of what her organization is offering. It is important that the training should comply with the general principles of child development.

This basic introduction may take 8 to 10 months. After the completion the participants will be awarded with recognisable certificates from SAQA, South African Qualification Authority. After completion the caregivers can then proceed to level 4 and 5. This qualification can even be taken further to a diploma. Once the person has acquired that they can teach introductory levels at primary school.

It was suggested during this meeting that in order to cover costs for furthering the training the Kroonstad Diocese may apply for learnerships in the educational SETA. That will be easy when all have already completed the recognisable basic ECD course.