St. Joseph’s ART Clinic, Sibasa, Diocese of Tzaneen

St. Joseph’s ART Clinic, Sibasa, Diocese of Tzaneen

18th October, 2012

Tony Linden of the  SACBC/CRS ART team visited St Joseph’s ART Clinic and reported on the installation of the system there to manage patient data.

Today was another milestone is the transitioning of patient data to the DOH system.  All the data from  the St. Joseph’s Clinic in the Vhembe distict in the province of Limpopo was exported from the current Patient Data (PDS) System of the SACBC ART programme into the system. The benefits of this successful process is that the system was ready to go live the moment it was installed on to the site computers, and no back capturing of patient data was needed.

The representative from the Department of  Health, Mr Nicolas Rahlinala was present to oversee the process and to officially take over the system. This is another milestone for the DOH project in this province.

The process of networking the system was completed and Nicolas spent time taking the admin ladies through the process of capturing new patient data into the system.

St Joseph’s will continue to provide their reporting direct from the PDS to SACBC/CRS but will also now start capturing direct into the system with the objective of being able to report directly to DOH via their system.