Blessed Gerard’s Care Centre, Mandini, Diocese of Eshowe

Blessed Gerard’s Care Centre, Mandini, Diocese of Eshowe

1 July -30 September 2012, quarterly report

In this period we saw 70 new patients testing for HIV. This does not include the number referred to us by the local clinics or others joining our programme due to relocation. Most of the patients who come to us for VCT then decide to join our programme.

With HIV care our therapeutic counselors work very closely with the clinic staff such as the MO, RPN, EN and the data capturer to ensure that new patients are contacted and that their place of residence is known to the counselors. One of the greatest problems is that we are not informed by patients about changes in their contact details.

Our HAART readiness courses are still been held on a monthly basis with our MO deciding if more than one class is needed for the month due to patient numbers. Delays might occur if the patient tests positive for TB.

The follow up on patients is an ongoing process as patients default due to a host of reasons, socio-economic issues being one of the major problems. We are fortunate enough to have a social worker on the Care Centre staff who goes out and does an assessment and depending upon her findings assists with food parcels or is able to refer the patient to SASSA. Our doctor also writes referral letters for the patient for social grants and fills in their grant applications. If patients have a problem with transport to pick up their meds our therapeutic counselors will deliver their meds combined with a home visit.

Our TB infection control plan is still in place with our air exchange system in our wards and the extraction system in the consulting rooms and waiting room. With every visit to the clinic, the staff routinely screens patients.

Patients are encouraged to bring children in for testing. A form is filled in on admission to the programme querying the patient’s children’s HIV and TB status.

Patients are referred to their local clinics for Prevention-Mother-to-Child Transmission services, returning to us once they have delivered.

We have a good relationship with the nearby clinic and hospitals. We have had DOH supplying ARV’s starting from the 1st April. The changeover seems to have been accomplished smoothly. The local clinic through which we are receiving ARV’s has requested stats for the meds. Our MO is dealing with Sundumbili Clinic.

The data flow has been improved with new methods of data collection.