Smiling Valley School Uniforms

Smiling Valley School Uniforms

MONGEZI MNCONO reports that 23 Households have been helped. 42 girls and 45 boys received uniforms.

It is always challenging to us whom to support as the children all come from similar backgrounds. In this instance we decided to look at each child and check as to what parts of the uniforms needed to be replaced .Some children needed shoes, others shirts. Some needed the entire school uniform, from the shoes up to the tie!

The twins from Qalani family are doing Grade R and were coming to school without a school uniform and with bare feet. This project has helped them a lot. The second family was the Peni family who had old uniforms. The children are both in Grade 4. The last family was the Zweni Family, they have 2 kids at school . One is doing Grade8 and the other is doing Grade 9.
They are both senior students here at school and you could see that their situation needed urgent attention as they were on the verge of dropping out if uniforms were not received. Their confidence has been boosted and you could see that they feel part and parcel of the school again.

The most exciting part of the project was when we were distributing the uniforms. It was good to see the happiness in the faces of those that were receiving items and receive letters that came from parents expressing their appreciation and word of thanks.