OVC Support, Diocese of Aliwal, Eastern Cape

OVC Support, Diocese of Aliwal, Eastern Cape

The Aliwal Diocese provided the following report on their work with orphans and vulnerable children during August 2012:

General Educational Support:

Most of our OVC who  are still in pre-school in the age group (3 -5 years) know how to write their names, identify colours,  count and play educational puzzles.

Children come to the centres to do their homework. Children are assisted with reading skills. At House of Hope and St. Martin they have 2 young male volunteers from Germany who join caregivers to assist children with school work. Teachers are visited at the schools to discuss specific subjects and areas to focus on for the various children.  This is an ongoing process.

Group sessions were held at different sites and villages on peer education, behaviour change, alcohol and drug abuse, TB screening.  At St. Martin and House of Hope the OVC had a workshop with the nurse on TB awareness and the children were encouraged to be tested for HIV and TB.

Child Protection

Some children were identified at the schools and referred to the sites by teachers and children. Some children did not have ID documents;  it was discovered that their parents were originally from Lesotho. A workshop was held on children’s rights and follow ups were done by social workers regarding the mismanagement of grants.

General Health Care

Some children were referred to clinics for treatment for fever and flu. Toiletries were bought at some sites. Lessons were also given on hygiene.

Site coordinators and OVC program coordinators presented their work at the AGM on the 22nd August 2012 to people who provided donations for children and are interested in our OVC program, e.g. Rotary, Child Welfare, Ward Councillors and representative from the Local Municipality Mayor’s office.  Stakeholders were very  interested in the OVC program, the OVC activities and the number of children who receive services from the sites. Our AGM had an attendance of 50 people.

Other churches expressed their interest in strengthening their networks with us. The Mayor’s office would like to meet with us to around a strategy on how they can assist us and other partners through the Municipal AIDS desk.

Repairs for children’s homes were done from the once off funding we received from the SACBC AID Office.  This was a great joy to the families. 13 Houses for OVC were repaired. Houses were not safe for children. Our children have now got doors that they’re able to lock. There were 3 families of children who lived in horrible conditions and shacks in which some children stayed were beyond repair. With the once off funding the site erected decent shacks. We would like to thank the SACBC AIDS Office.