Child Vulnerability, Tapologo,  Diocese of Rustenburg

Child Vulnerability, Tapologo, Diocese of Rustenburg

Tapologo, Rustenburg, reported in August on some issues of concern identified in their area.

The Police continue to assist with abuse and rape cases in Freedom Park. The social worker is also assisting with a number of cases. The school in Freedom Park reported a problem with 2 children who were looking after their siblings, as the mother was deceased and the aunts refused to assist the children. This case has been referred to Social Development to follow up. The Boitekong Progressive Youth continue to assist at the centre in Boitekong. The Community Forum in Freedom Park is very active and is supporting the centre and assisting with  problem  cases. The Forum is not getting off the ground in Boitekong as not all stakeholders attend the meetings regularly.

The Forum in Freedom Park was notified about a case of attempted rape and when they made a follow up they discovered that the child had been raped before. They have  reported this case to the police. The police have taken a statement from the child and her parents.

In Freedom Park there is a challenge with 5 children whose mother recently passed away. The woman and her children were sharing a house with her 2 sisters and their families and they were living in the bathroom of the house. The mother passed away 3 weeks ago and the sisters refused to assist in any way, as one is also seriously ill. We were notified that the 11 yr old child was looking after the 4 children, the youngest of whom is 4 months old. The social worker visited the house to investigate and found this to be true. The 11yr old child was trying to cook on a paraffin stove while the baby lay nearby. The other children were outside playing and none attend school. We managed to trace the husband who was living nearby and he finally agreed to pay the burial costs and the mother was buried. The Social worker is currently referring this case to Social Development as we want the state to intervene.