Homeplan computer schools

Homeplan, Holland, best known to the SACBC AIDS Office for its long standing support of houses for the poor, especially families affected by AIDS, is currently supporting a computer school which provides training to youth in Pomeroy.

Ricus Dullaert from Homeplan reports that he visited Pomeroy, KZN, for the ICDL exam of the first 19 pupils of the Pomeroy computer school. Johannes Sokosana , International Driving Licence examiner from Kwaggafontein, Mpumalanga, advised registration with ICDL because an ICDL certificate is Internationally recognized and ICDL is efficient. Johannes had the first 19 candidates  write the official ICDL exam and to our big surprise and happiness all 19 candidates passed,  17 out of 19 with a more that 75% score and 2 with more than 50% score. In the meantime all 19 candidates have their certificates and are applying for jobs as clerks with schools, hospitals, the police, and as banktellers!

In the meantime the Pomeroy computer school has enrolled 45 new pupils from January 2016 on and Sr. Madeleine is making enquiries about sending  the local teachers for training to become ICDL examiners themselves.

On the way back from Pomeroy I paid a visit to Sr. Colette and Buhle her assistant in Maria Ratschitz mission.To my joy they already have identified an excellent former sewing school on the parish grounds of St. Martin de Porres mission to start their computer school. They found a donor temselves to install WIFI in that building and electrical sockets etc are already in place. That means they only need a relatively small sum to finish the school (mainly desks and burglar bars).

Computer schools are also in the pipeline for St Scholastica’s Mission in the Tzaneen Diocese and for Swaziland.

Pictured are the first successful candidates in Pomeroy

Leerlingen die eindexamen deden voor International Computer Driving Licence in Pomreoy 30-31 maart 2016.