SACBC AIDS Office visits Ekuhtuleni OVC Project, Leandra

SACBC AIDS Office visits Ekuhtuleni OVC Project, Leandra

Mnakile; Sibonakaliso & Nondumiso of the SACBC AIDS Office visited Ekuthuleni OVC from 23 to 26 July 2013.


The centre has become so child-friendly with the jungle gym set outside and kiddie tables and chairs in the homework room, that children from the neighbourhood (who ought to be at creches) come to the site to play all day, further highlighting a need for an ECD centre in the area. The centre has plans to open an ECD centre soon. Also because of the soccer games, singing and drama which we got them to introduce at our last site visit, more children are coming to the centre now than ever before (even those that are not OVC).

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Brainstorm sessions with the Caregivers:

  • The caregivers have challenges with getting documentation (birth certificates of beneficiaries, etc.) because people are suspicious that they might do fraud with them
  • There has been bullying at the site with the introduction of sports/play equipment, but caregivers are monitoring and dealing with the situation
  • More meetings with the drop-in centre that has been established in the area are needed in order to prevent duplication of services
  • Influx of children into the centre, even those that are not OVC

The humility and gratitude as well as the willingness to learn that was displayed at Ekuthuleni is really heart-warming and encouraging.