Housing to be Replaced Includes a "Transparent" House

Housing to be Replaced Includes a “Transparent” House

Makundu Christian Support, Inkomazi, Diocese of Witbank has identified three families to benefit from the housing for orphans programme.

Family living in Langeloop village:


Rebecca  is the head of the household.   She is 25.   Her mother died when Rebecca was 12 years old.   She has never seen her father.    She has a daughter, Thembelihle who is in Grade R and 5 years old.  The father disappeared.   Also living with them is Rebecca’s niece.   Lusanda in Gr 3 receives a Govt grant of R280 per month given to her now dead mother (died in 2010), on which the whole family depends.   Rebecca dropped out of school where she was discriminated against and was called names.

They depend on Makhundu Christian Support for food and clothes


Driekoppies/ Bongani village  



The grandmother,  Angelinah Mangane, who is a Mozambican with no  ID book, is the head of this household.    Her grandchildren Azariah,17, Monica,14, and France,5, live with her.   They have no birth certificates, only their mother’s death certificate. They are from different fathers who are not known by their grandmother. They share a small shack with another family –  a 20 year old boy and his 2 brothers, a sister and their grandmother.     They also use the shack as a kitchen.

Their situation was identified through our weekly home visits, that is when we squeezed them into our program. They  depend on Makhundu Christian Support for food, clothing etc.





This transparent house is where a father, disabled and  no ID book, of  3 children ( an 8 year old girl and 2 boys)sleep every night ,can you believe it.   Their grandmother asks to sleep  in the neighbour’s house.    They have no source of income except  when asking around for some “piece “ jobs. Their father also does not have an ID. (Why? Her mother came with him from Mozambique)

They were identified by one of our careworkers.  We are their only source of life (food wise)