Youth gain possession, Ndzingeni house, Our Lady of Sorrows, Diocese of Manzini

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 3.34.27 PMNdzingeni,  Manzini Diocese, Our Lady of Sorrows

The X family is a child headed family of 3 children. They were dispossessed of their land when their parents died and were taken by the Catholic Sisters to stay at the Convent. All of them have completed school and the eldest is waiting to start at College.

The St Juliana’s Sisters approached us after hearing that we have a housing project in our office. We then followed up the matter, visiting the chiefdom where they originate from and we were given the green light by the community authorities. Constructing the house was a bit of a challenge because their place is very sloped. So taking the building material there was difficult. Since it is summer and the rains are still coming we waited until it dried a little bit before taking the material there.