Library, St Kizito's, Qwa Qwa

Washing the new car.

The SACBC AIDS Office visited St Kizito, Qwa Qwa in the Diocese of Bethlehem on 25 April 2012

The Centre received a car made available by Catholic Relief Services and registered under the Bishop’s office and are very pleased.

The children who attended the career camp went back very excited, saying that they got very useful information. The Centre organised a formal meeting where the six attendees could share what they had learned and present the booklets and information pamphlets to  other learners in the project.

Thabiso attended the KidzWellness workshop in Durban and thoroughly enjoyed it. He has already spoken to Johannes about creating a space at the Centre so that he can start counselling children and doing support.

On 13 May they will be hosting a candle lighting HIV memorial evening.

Tebogo is organising a regular discussion group for adolescents in the programme to talk about relationships, sex and issues that are important to them.

The project has  bought shade cloth and poles and prepared an area for planting cut flowers. Johannes will make an appointment to speak with one of the consultants at the Department of Agriculture in the town to get assistance with this business opportunity. The vegetable garden is also starting to look very good and they are wanting to buy more shade cloth to protect the area from the winter frost. Some small trees have been donated by Department t of Agriculture to provide shade and protection to the Centre. They have been using the income generated from the candle making to improve the vegetable gardens and cover other project funds. They have also met with a local farmer who has offered them free manure for the garden.

St Kizito have arranged for someone  to conduct a five day workshop with their staff on implementing the Education 4 Life Peer programme. They have also invited St Elizabeth staff from Reitz and will share the costs. The workshop will take place in June.

Some Shelter money has been spent to fix the houses of some of the children in the programme. The house of one family in the community burnt down and they were left destitute. The Project was able to help the children with some clothes and shoes which had been donated and will use some of the shelter money to help them rebuild their home. The care-givers also went with the children to school to locate copies of their id books and certificates so that they can apply for some government assistance.

There are currently 1000 OVC registered and well over 75% are active on a monthly basis.

Two young ladies who appeared before the magistrates for minor offences were sentenced to do 100 community hours at St Kizito. The project was approached by the magistrate asking for assistance as he is aware of the great work done by St Kizito and was hoping they would have a positive influence on these youngsters. The social worker is also overseeing them, and so far they have been very helpful and respectful to everyone.

St Kizito has established a good relationship with the management and staff of Witsieshoek Resort, which is situated nearby. The resort has been buying the candles and tablecloths made by the Project as part of its income generating activities. Johannes also said that in May, the Managers are hosting a group of German business people and have asked if they can spend some time with the Project. St Kizito is organising a fun day with the children performing traditional dancing and preparing traditional food. They will also give the visitors a tour of the Centre and chat to them about needs and challenges.