Siyabathanda, CBO Archdiocese of Durban

Isithombe0663Isithombe0648Isithombe0677The theme for the day was “We are  fighting against HIV/AIDS, and giving hope”. The theme was intended to encourage people to ensure abstinence and faithfulness in relationships. It also accommodated those who are infected with HIV and encouraged them to live a healthy life, visiting clinics to acquire information and assistance in ARV treatment. The objective was also to encourage people to get tested so that they know their status early.  Significant facts were highlighted, how to obtain this treatment through a march and a series of talks.  All the invited people/beneficiaries were granted opportunities to ask questions.

The target group was the beneficiaries of the organisation and people from within communities in which the project operates. People who attended the event were 156 in total including all members of the organisation from the committee to volunteers. The overall occasion was successful. All the intended goals were reached and people who attended were satisfied and went home with a lot of information that could be helpful.

There were posters and pamphlets all over the venue with all the necessary information that was appropriate for the day. The speakers were given different topics including prevention strategies, home based care, HIV/AIDS and Christianity and tradition, importance of ARV treatment and counselling/testing. There was a speaker from Department of Health clinic and from the community. There was a performance done by caregivers of the organisation.