Sithandizingane Graduation Report

Sithandizingane Brakpan reports that 76 guardians graduated from the Family Matters Programme, giving a 95% success rate. Twelve are men and 64 are women. The graduates were given a slot in the program to share on how the FM programme has impacted their lives, and there was a general feeling that they are now confident to speak to their children and grandchildren about sex, sexuality and issues pertaining to HIV and AIDS. The speakers were selected from each of the four groups that were receiving their certificates. They also shared that the programme has helped them to build better relationships with their pre-adolescent children and to understand them better. Aurum (PEPFAR Partner) was represented by Dumisani Mthembu and the SACBC AIDS Office by Anna Kaura. Sithandizingane was represented by Nomthandazo Zwane, the Social Auxiliary Worker who did vote of thanks and thanked SACBC for introducing Aurum to them. The certificates were handed out by Dumisani and Anna. The graduation was used as a platform to ask guardians to assist in recruiting more guardians for the new wave. Presently there are two groups waiting to go into the next wave. The project team was encouraged to try and recruit 80 more guardians in the coming two weeks.

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