Sithandi’zingane Children’s Programme


2O12 and met Tankiso, Mafa, Mathapelo, Tobello, Jabu and Millisent. The site has organised a monthly work schedule outlining themes for each week. This month included topics such as child trafficking, a reading competition, basic computer skills and other life skills. Heartlines presented a talk on HIV to the older group.

In April the Centre will do activities around Easter and religious stories. During the holidays they will also be teaching about animals and taking a group of 60 children (aged 6-8 years) to the Johannesburg Zoo. The children will have to do presentations and posters on animals of their choice when they get back.

Jabu is doing well with the music programme. The children have done various small concerts at nearby churches. At the moment they only have a few drums and marimba instruments and would like to expand the band to include other instruments.

Twenty one youth have now joined the new programme (all of them have siblings in the OVC programme). The group meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and have already started with a life skill session on resilience, basic computing and bereavement debriefing.

The Centre is struggling to increase the numbers of children registered because of the DSD demarcations and the problems with their buses. They have therefore restructured the way they provide services and have started going out to two new areas (Zone 8, and Zone 1 and 2 combined) as well as continuing services at the main Centre. With a concerted effort to grow their Centre and promote their services within these communities, they have so far managed to register 375 OVCs.

The Centre would like to organise a leadership camp for the adolescent group in the June/July holidays. It would be over a weekend and focus on motivation and life skills.