Sithandizingane, Brakpan welcomes US visitors

Staff from the Department of Health and Human Services of the USA recently visited South Africa to monitor the impact of PEPFAR funded projects, and to assess how US tax money is being spent.  Included in the visit was Sithandizingane in Brakpan which forms part of the SACBC AIDS Office orphans and vulnerable children programme.  Holly Wong (centre), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs is flanked by youth from Sithandizingane who answered questions and gave their views on how Sithandizingane has helped them.  Dr Austin Demby (right) encouraged the young people to follow their dreams and not have stigma or their challenging circumstances stand in the way.  He also undertook to send his own twin daughters to do some volunteer work at Sithandizingane.

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Children from Sithandizingane provided a lively welcome to the US visitors

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Youth at Sithandizingane in Brakpan, Gauteng, entertained the US Department of Health and Human Services delegation led by Holly Wong. The US delegation heard from the board and staff of the project, and interviewed some of the beneficiaries of the services provided. One of the current staff members is himself a graduate of the project and spoke highly of the work value of the work to children and youth affected by AIDS. Sithandizingane is indeed an asset in the PEPFAR programme.
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