Shelter Renovations, Diocese of Kroonstad Development Agency

The housing project to renovate the houses of the families of our children has been a very helpful one to the OVC families.   The conditions of the houses have now been improved from a dilapidated state to a better condition.  18 households benefited from the shelter project.  Leaking roofs have been repaired, cracked walls plastered, badly looking shacks have been renewed to a better state and broken doors and windows have been fixed.  The children and their families are very happy and expressed appreciation for the assistance they received from the SACBC AIDS Office to improve their shelter.


The family consists of 5 people; it is headed by both parents (the father and mother of the children. The children are boys aged 13, 8, and 4 years old. They were all living in the shack which was in bad condition as the roof  leaked when it rained. The shack had no door, they used an old corrugated iron sheet to close up at night or when it rained. The shack is now renovated and it has a proper door, it is no longer leaking. The family thanked the OVC project for changing their living conditions. They are also happy as they have more rooms and privacy.


This is a family of 8 people; both parents are still alive and are living with 2 uncles and 1 aunt. Children are girls aged 14, 13 and 10 years old. Only 1 child is receiving a grant   (10 year old) and that is the only means of income for the whole family. They lived in a one roomed shack with no windows and a door that could not close properly. As the adults are not employed they could not afford to renovate their shack.  The parents said they are happy that the project  has made their home warm and welcoming and the children say they have a space to do their homework. The family said they have been living under poor condition for more than 10 years and are thankful to the project for the change it brings to the people.


The family consists of 9 people, seven adults and their grandfather who is the head of the house, and the twins who are 17 years old are in the OVC programme. The family depends on the foster care grant for the twins and the government pension for their grand-father. They are living in a three roomed shack without electricity. The roof was leaking and they used wood for cooking and candles for lighting. The grandfather has been struggling and could not afford to buy a new roof. The help from the OVC project has brought relief to the family as they said they did not know what to do about their situation. They are happy now the house is warm and welcoming and they said they thanked the caregivers who are the reason they have been recognised and helped by the OVC project.


The home consists of 5 children and is headed by a 17 year old. One child is registered in the OVC programme. There is no one working and they are not getting any government grants as they were chased away from their family home after the death of their parents. They are living in the shack which they built themselves by collecting rusted corrugated iron, old planks, rafters, plastic and mats to make it warm. The rain would come in because the shack was not properly built, they were holes everywhere and you could see outside, they did not have furniture or anything inside. After being discovered by the caregiver one of them was registered, and  they benefited from the services of the project. They are now happy to have their shack renovated and they say they feel at home and they know it is safe as there are doors, windows, rafters and new roof which they feel safe under it. They say they could not ask more as the project has given them a place to call home.

Improved OVC centre at Edenville

Renewed shack for the Mqwazi’s Family


Smile and Joy that comes with gratitude for assistance to have a place called Home.


The Bolase Family renovated house. (OVC happy with the new look of their house)