Savannah Game Lodge assists Tiyismiseleni OVC Project

Savannah Game Lodge assists Tiyismiseleni OVC Project

News from the Tiyimiseleni Orphanage project

It’s June and winter is coming… how wonderful that we can inform you of some really exciting and warming news!

Last week we had a little ‘winter-party’ at the Orphanage. Glasses of juice, cup cakes and lots of presents and clothes were distributed to the children – all brought in by Savanna’s good friends, Karen and Doug from Australia. With them, special guests came along to the party: two of their employees who won a trip to South Africa. Of all their colleagues, they had raised the most funds for the project. We cannot tell you how proud we are of Madeline and Josh! Together with all the house mothers at the Tiyimiseleni Centre, they helped set up the party and handed out the wonderful gifts. It was a very happy and memorable day for all 250 children.

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The Tiyimiseleni Centre in Mabarhule is home every afternoon to 250 children who are in some way affected by HIV/Aids. Orphans that live with relatives, children that live in poverty with only one parent left, or young children that live in child-headed families, where the oldest one takes care of the others. Every day after school, these children come to the Centre, where they get a free plate of food, supplied by Savanna. For most of them, it is their only meal each day. Up until now, the house mothers have been cooking on fires outside and the children have been eating on the floor.

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It is with great pride that we can inform you that we have now started building a multi- functional hall on the plot of the Centre. It will be a warm and joyful place where the children can sit at a table, enjoy their meal and have fun inside a safe building. The building will have a proper kitchen, so the ladies can cook healthy meals every day. Jonathan, our local builder, will undertake this building project. Together with a few other local co-workers, he will make sure that we can soon start using this hall.

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In the first months of this year, we received lots of fantastic materials for the children at the Centre. Bags with clothes, toothbrushes, pens, books and toys were brought in and went directly to the Centre to be handed out. Just to give you an idea, on a yearly basis we need 250 toothbrushes, 250 tubes of toothpaste, 200 packs of sanitary towels, 250 bars of soap and 80-100 blankets. But we are also looking for some cupboards for books, some tables and chairs and enamel cups and plates. If you have any connections within your network that can help us with these items, we should be most grateful to hear from you.

On behalf of all the children at the Tiyimiseleni Centre, we would like to say ‘INKOMU’ for all your help so far!

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With just a building, our work is far from completed. We sincerely hope that, with your help, we can give these needy children a bright, healthy, educated and happy future. If you would like to receive more information on this specific building project, the projects we would like to set up as soon as the building is ready and/or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Rinske Stege via

Warm wishes,
Savanna family

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