SACBC AIDS Office Teambuilding and Spiritual Retreat, January 2018

SACBC AIDS Office in one of the biggest Offices under the SACBC Department of Social Action. For many years the office has been running different projects related to HIV/AIDS, and it has been doing exceptionally well; therefore winning the confidence of funders and sponsors. It has also remained one of the biggest competent bodies outside the government addressing the challenges related to HIV/AIDS in the SACBC Region.

The office is made up of different groupings of people who are responsible for different projects under the office: Project Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Managers, Finance Managers and many other people who are working on the ground on daily basis to make sure that quality of service is a priority.

It is very important for AIDS Office staff to be always one in heart and mind in order to manage, in collaboration and cooperation, the responsibilities entrusted to them with confidence. It is therefore very important that they remain integrated servants of God in His vineyard by promoting true love and unity amongst them. Teambuilding and Spiritual Retreats is the way to go, as one of the great Greek Philosophers said, “Unexamined life is not worthy living”.