SACBC AIDS Office, December 2011

Overview of the SACBC AIDS Office Programme

  1. The SACBC AIDS Office is actively negotiating with the Department of Health (DOH) concerning the future of the PEPFAR-funded treatment programme which covers 13 Church sites. One of these sites, in the Vicariate of Ingwavuma, will cease to exist as a treatment site at the end of May 2012. Negotiations continue concerning increased support to the Church through the provision of drugs by the DOH at Church sites.  Some treatment centres will close, and others will be expected to take on additional patients to enable the DOH to meet its own targets.  It is not yet clear whether there will be a PEPFAR call for proposals that will make special provision for faith-based organisation projects.  What is clear is that any call that is made will be competitive, meaning that the SACBC AIDS office is not guaranteed future PEPFAR funding once the current grant ends in May 2013. Over the course of the programme since 2004, the SACBC AIDS Office has initiated over 40 000 patients on treatment;  more than half of these have been transferred into DOH facilities, and the SACBC has withdrawn support to specific treatment sites.

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