Report of the SACBC AIDS Office, December 2004

Prevention, Care, Support

  • While there are small signs that the rate of HIV infection is beginning to slow down among young people, there remains an enormous amount of work to be done to help young people remain uninfected. Education for Life training and ABCD campaigns have been supported in different dioceses.  One of the biggest concerns has to do with continued adult support and mentoring of young people, not just on an ad hoc basis.
  • Home based care projects throughout the country continue to provide thousands of people the opportunity to die with dignity.  A number of new Catholic hospice sites have opened during 2004. A concern in this area is of course long-term sustainability since institutions are costly to maintain unless they can be supported by various sources of funding , and by links to other activities.
  • Growing numbers of orphans are supported across the SACBC region.  Many have been helped to access the social grants provided by the South African Department of Social Development.

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