Nzhelele Caregivers Take Time Out

Nzhelele Caregivers Take Time Out

Parish of Nzhelele HIV & AIDS Response, Tzaneen, Vhembe District, Tshituni Church

The caregivers report  that a caregivers’  retreat was conducted by Fr Vicky and Eddie  on 11th and 12th  April 2013 at Tshituni Church. This was organised for 48 care givers, counsellors and peer educators, male and female.  The retreat theme was  “ I have come so that they may have life to the fullest”. It was very touching because we managed to see that sometimes we are so distressed that we lose hope. We saw that we are called to work with Christ or to continue the work of Jesus, healing and caring. Everybody was happy and we felt how important our work is.

The highlight was when we worked in our group trying to see what it is that the thief has stolen from our life . Sometimes if we have no peace we cannot enjoy and see the good that we do.

There was a moment in the healing service in which people acknowledged  their healing, recognising that sometimes they don’t enjoy their work and  just push themselves. The theme was very relevant.