Ngwana Swara Atla Saka, Sekukhune, Diocese of Witbank

Ngwana reported on its programme in September.

We were assisting children with preparations for their school examinations, particularly the secondary school students who needed assistance with revision. The children come on Saturdays for assistance at our library.

The children were supported with their gardens.

Six care givers attended a workshop at Social Development to train them on support groups:
how to start a support group ,understanding of what a support group is, the values, principles and types of support groups, content for various types of support groups (children and adults) and sustaining, maintaining and terminating support groups.

We are reporting quarterly to social development in order for them to assist the children with food.
We have also still awaiting a response from MTN and NDA to our applications. We are currently busy with an application to the lottery.

The caregivers try to assist in all ways possible. Our children are very happy with the library and also grateful that we have started the garden and we are all working in the garden. We have also learned that we have to keep on reinventing ourselves and the services we offer in order to keep the children interested and to assist them in their developmental growth whilst still making the activities fun!