News from Tiyimiseleni in partnership with Savannah Lodge, Mpumalanga

News from Tiyimiseleni in partnership with Savannah Lodge, Mpumalanga

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.12.54 PMMarch was a month of thinking: how do we get the Savanna Trust up and running as quickly as possible? How we do get the gas to work properly? How can we get this huge table top made for the kitchen? Where do we go from here? Sometimes it is good to stop running, step back and take time to think. And so we did.

Extensive talks with the ladies at the Tiyimiseleni Centre taught us that they are very enthusiastic about setting up skills projects for the older (high school) children. How can we give these children some extra skills, so that they can survive on their own in the future? With the huge unemployment figures in this area, the children at the Centre would be greatly helped by an extra set of competencies, as it is unlikely they will find decent jobs. It is our aim to set up different kinds of skills projects this year and the first farmer has already offered his expertise! With some taxi money for the children to get them to the farm and a small grant for the farmer so that he can offer the children some tea and bread during the day, the first project can hopefully start soon.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to train somebody to become a baker and use the kitchen at the project for the actual baking? Or what about training somebody to become a sales person, to build a little shop alongside the road and sell the crops from the vegetable garden, as well as the freshly-baked bread and the beadwork made at the Centre? Or train some girls on how to organise creative afternoons for all the children? What about training some of the boys in how to build or how to become an electrician? Or train somebody to be a good sports instructor?

Lots of ideas, lots of thinking… If you have any specific ideas and/or thoughts on how to start up projects like this, or if you want to sponsor one of these traineeships, please feel free to contact us. Any form of input is warmly welcomed!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 8.31.50 AMWe recently received the good news that the Induna (chief) of Mabarhule has approved the request to extend the plot that the project is using. So soon we will be able to start moving the fencing, building a wall and levelling the ground so we can make the vegetable garden bigger and also incorporate some sport facilities for the children. Great news!

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