Ndumo Schools Project, Vicariate of Ingwavuma

September Report

The Ndumo Schools project reported that the caregivers  are now working hand in hand with the Department of Social Development. They are conducting home visits with them to identify more OVC in need of housing.

Sr. Lidia from Hlabisa paid us a visit. She explained the special needs of children who are handicapped and the needs of children in general. We were also given tips on how we could help those who don’t have Birth Certificates and Identity documents,  as well as those whose parents have migrated from Mozambique or Swaziland and don’t have Identity documents.

It is now a pre-requisite to network with the Social Development, Human Settlement, schools and the drop in centre for them to provide OVC with shelter.

Some people misunderstand the criteria used in helping some OVC with the 2 roomed houses by our project. It was difficult to explain to them that we are not part of the government and that we are an NGO. We are only assisting children that are orphaned or vulnerable. All of the 20 houses are now complete. All the beneficiaries are happy and are enjoying living in the good looking houses, which have given them a new life to start.