Nandi Sithole visited St. Joseph Children of Charisma Project, Diocese of Polokwane, 2nd – 5th April 2013

Nandi Sithole visited St. Joseph Children of Charisma Project, Diocese of Polokwane, 2nd – 5th April 2013

Update on programme activities:

Sr. Euphrasy reported that the programme is doing well, they’ve just received the chairs that were bought through the centre renovation budget.

Cyril who is their M&E officer reported that things are going smoothly with the Child Data System, the monitoring tool used in the SACBC AIDS Programme. They do backup’s every Friday and send them to CRS.

Activities still go on as scheduled at their sub sites.

They reported that they will no longer operate in Mamadila village which now receives other funding to support the OVC programme.

On the 3rd home visits were done in homes where toilets were erected.  I also got the chance to meet with some of the guardians.  They expressed their heartfelt appreciation for what SACBC AIDS Office through St. Joseph Children of Charisma is assisting them with.  I also visited one of the sites at which a carport was erected where children can play outside without being too exposed to the sun as summers in Polokwane can be scorching hot.  The structure is well built and the people at the project together with the children are very happy and appreciate it.

On Friday the 5th their TB campaign took place.  There were a lot of children who attended the campaign from four villages that they operate in.  The induna’s of two villages Romeng and Mapangula also attended the campaign.  The  Department of Health sent a representative to educate the communities who were there about the danger of TB and what causes it or how one contracts it.

The children entertained the crowds with traditional dances, music, poems and short plays.

The campaign was a success and afterwards refreshments were served and the children from different villages competed in soccer and net ball for fun.

Children performing during the TB campaign

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One of the Families who Received a Toilet

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Children having a meal after the TB campaign event

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