Kids Care, Bronkhorstspruit, Archdiocese of Pretoria

September report.

In September, Kids Care reported that there were no food parcels given during the  month;  this is always because we only offer food parcels as an emergency relief service. Those in need of food parcels are taken into our income generating projects such as bead work and food gardening and thus make some money or take veggies home from the garden.

The Department of Sports and Recreation is our new partner – through their Social Responsibility projects they have agreed to clean our fields for us and assist us with developing sports activities for the children.

On the 4th of September we had a meeting with four organizations: SANCA, St Joseph’s Home Based Care, the SGB of Mpumelelo High School and Sizolwethu Home Based Care.  We discussed the services rendered by the four organizations and how to ensure that we are not duplicating services.  We also discussed about how to refer people to relevant organizations.

Our income generating projects are struggling to work effectively due to lack of space.  The rented space is quite small and we often have to remove some of the equipment and store it elsewhere.

We are struggling with office space, especially when our Social Auxiliary Worker has to meet with clients. We all have to go out due to confidentiality issues, which affects our productivity.

Some of our clients who dropped out of school have now formed part of our income generating project where they manufacture educational toys and mirrors.