House of Hope, Diocese of Aliwal North

House of Hope, Diocese of Aliwal North

House of Hope – Aliwal

July 2012,Sr Jane Javangwe from the  Diocese of Aliwal Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s project has  written on some of the activities of the various sites where children are assisted over the past three months. .

“ At St. Martin one young man formerly in the OVC programme himself who completed grade 12 last year joined the OVC caregiver team. He is very passionate about education and visited the schools not only to see whether the children do attend school but to gather information about children visited e.g. child behaviour and school performance and to find out from teachers the areas in which the children need help.

Children come to the sites for supervised study and home work.  Children are assisted with reading skills and how to follow the timetable for study. The activities were mostly indoors as it rained most of the time and was also very cold. Local schools refer OVC to sites and both sites and schools support the children.

HIV prevention education: educational drama was done at sites by children on delayed sexual initiation and promotion of abstinence. Some children were referred for HCT for HIV and TB screening.

At St. Martin after a workshop with guardians on importance of knowing children’s status two children who had TB symptoms were referred for screening and tested positive. The children have started TB Treatment.

Some sites engage children in activities which promote  culture e.g. value of respecting each other and respect of elders, traditional dances and music.

The department of Health gave us a mentor who gave a day’s workshop on TB to House of Hope and St. Martin caregivers. The Department of health has accepted our request to give training to our caregivers on health issues e.g. HCT, TB and HIV. From time to time they will be updating our projects on new information from our district and province. Clinics and Hospitals in Aliwal North refer patients on TB and ARV to our sites for home monitoring of treatment adherence.

Thank you to SACBC AIDS office for a big donation of blankets, track suits, towels, socks and pillows. It was like Christmas for the children. Many blessings to you.”