HCT Campaign, Mambane (Siteki), Diocese of Manzini

HCT Campaign, Mambane (Siteki), Diocese of Manzini


Community people of Mambane, Swaziland, listening attentively to Phineas Sithole a nurse at Good Shepherd Hospital. Phineas was talking about the importance of knowing your HIV status.


Seventy adults and over forty children gathered at Mambane  near Good Shepherd Hospital, Lubombo District for an HCT campaign conducted by Good Shepherd caregivers in October 2013.  The community listened to various talks,  and 28 people were counselled and tested.

The Siteki caregivers were able to collaborate with Good Shepherd Hospital because they had done their HCT practicals at the hospital.  So the Matrons who were supervising them during the practicals wanted to see the caregivers doing the HIV counselling and Testing on their own. This event benefited the project because many people had questions, which were all answered on this day. We also learnt that working as a team and teaming with Good Shepherd produces good fruits. The programme covered:

– The importance of knowing your HIV status

– Signs and symptoms of epilepsy

– Sugar diabetes

– Early detection of TB

– High Blood Pressure

– Prevention of mother to child transmission


Caregivers, Siteki, Lubombo, Diocese of Manzini getting ready for work during the campaign