Children's rights recognised, Aliwal North

Children’s rights recognised, Aliwal North

The Diocese of Aliwal North reported on its February activities

General Education Support:  Sites monitored school attendance and performance, assisted with homework, writing and reading skills. Children received school uniforms and stationery.

Child Protection: A Children’s bill of rights workshop was attended by OVC between the ages 12  and 18 years. Social workers were involved in meeting with parents in regard to child grants. Three children were placed at place of safety in the neighbourhood when the roof of their house was blown away and the house damaged by heavy rain and wind.

General Health Care: OVC were assisted with toiletries. Hygiene lessons were given to OVC under the age of 12. Children are encouraged to maintain good hygiene at all times.

HIV education/intervention: Group discussions on teenage pregnancy, peer pressure, drug abuse, safe sex, partner reduction and abstinence were successful.


The Project planning training for 3 years 2014 -2017 was successful. The workshop was attended by Aliwal Diocese Welfare and Development Committee Board Members, site project coordinators and program coordinators. 29 participated in the training.

A workshop organised by St. Martin for OVC guardians and the social worker on OVC grant management was successful.

The management attended a meeting in East London on invitation by Lotto for potential grant beneficiaries and stake holders.


House of Hope and St. Martin OVC workshop on child protection


St. Martin OVC cultural day