Children on Treatment at London Mission

Children on Treatment at London Mission

London Mission, Tzaneen Diocese sent us the following:

At London Mission we are assisting 5 children with adherence support. We monitor their ARV treatment through home visits where we meet and advise the guardians and see the children. In case of any problems (opportunistic infections) we bring the children to the clinic where they are checked and they are given medicines. We also check the health condition through the school visits where sometimes teachers refer children to us.

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One of the children supported with treatment adherence

Last year we had an 11 years old boy who was on treatment. He is an orphan living with his disabled aunty and her children. He has skin problems and very painful boils as a results of aunty not monitoring his treatment properly especially during the time when he went to initiation school. We took him and aunty to the local clinic. On that day the boy had proper check up and was given treatment for opportunistic infections. He was still not feeling well for some time but we visited his house regularly and helped him with nutrition as well. This year he is much better and without serious skin problems which shows he takes his ARV treatment regularly.