Sicelimpilo Site visit report

On the 12th to 15th March 2013 Priscilla Rakhetsi of the SACBC AIDS Office visited Sicelimpilo project in KwaZulu Natal where she met with the management and seventeen care workers.

  • The site managed to build twenty five toilets out of thirty. The other five will be completed in three weeks’ time   if there are no rainfall disturbances.
  • There is a challenge of ART adherence for some children in the programme. The staff were advised to educate the guardians on the importance of adhering to treatment and also involve the local clinic during the training.
  • The project is experiencing a challenge with the child- headed families, where you find an eighteen year old heading a family with insufficient knowledge and resources. The recommendation was to encourage the project to equip those children with some parenting skills through various workshops.
  • A mini workshop on the workplan for the next financial year was conducted both for care workers and the management.
  • The site was assisted to develop an activity plan for the after school care programme for different activities on different days with the children.