Blessed Gerard, Mandini, to receive National Health Laboratory Services

7 May 2013, Johan Viljoen visited KwaZulu/Natal.

On Tuesday 7 May I visited Blessed Gerard, Mandini. Diocese of Eshowe. The delivery of government ARV’s from Sundumbili Clinic is going ahead without problems. Agreement was reached that laboratory tests would be provided by NHLS from 1 July. Blessed Gerard would just have to deliver their blood specimens to Sundumbili Clinic, and fetch the results from them. Agreement was also reached that Sundumbili Clinic would provide Blessed Gerard with treatment for opportunistic infections with immediate effect. Fr Gerard is in Germany presently to raise funds for payment of staff salaries after the end of the no-cost extension, in May 2014.

Blessed Gerard is to be supported for one more year with PEPFAR funding for its ARV clinic under the no cost extension granted to the SACBC AIDS Office.