Blankets and tracksuits for winter, July 2012

Blankets and tracksuits for winter, July 2012

House of Hope – Aliwal

The SACBC AIDS Office distributed blankets, tracksuits, towels, pillows and socks to 17 100 orphaned and vulnerable children across the country through the orphan and vulnerable children’s projects in the different dioceses during May and June 2012. It was a huge undertaking to get the goods to stores as close as possible to where the projects operate and where the children live. It was an added  feat to get the items to the children at the after school care centres, at schools, in the parishes and in their homes given the vast areas that are covered by some of the projects. Beneficiaries included children heading households, orphaned and vulnerable children being cared for in their extended families and in their communities, single mothers and their children living in informal settlements and rural villages.


Reports from some of the sites had the following to say;

  • Diocese of Aliwal North

“Aliwal Diocese Welfare and Development Committee distributed 600 blankets to the orphans and vulnerable children. 165 blankets were distributed to House of Hope-Dukathole, 159 to Saint Martin-Joe Gqabi (the two main townships of Aliwal North) and 276 to our 4 other projects which are in rural areas, in the mountains and where people are living in very difficult conditions especially in winter. In some places, the project coordinator and caregivers distributed the blankets after school to the children when they came to the projects; in other places they went door to door to distribute the blankets and the tracksuits. Children were so happy and adults very grateful.”

  • Kids Care, Bronkhorstspruit, Archdiocese of Pretoria

“205 benefiaries were provided with blankets, pillows, socks and tracksuits. Those beneficiaries assisted are those who are living on social grants and those where there is no income in the families. Most of the children did not have winter clothes and blankets. We would like to thank SACBC AIDS Office for the funding of the blankets and clothes project. The beneficiaries were provided with their clothes at Zithobeni, Rethabiseng and Refilwe drop in centre. They were very happy and appreciated what we have done for them.”

  • Nzhelele Home Based Care Project, Diocese of Tzaneen

“Blankets and tracksuits were distributed to children in Mavhunga, RDP, Gondeni Mauluma, in Raliphaswa and Matanda , in Tshirolwe and  in Mukondeni and Tshituni villages. Carers  got the children to write the thank you letters and these were collected while the project was distributing the goods.”

  • Sizanani, Nkandla, Diocese of Eshowe

“The items were collected from the Ulundi PEP Stores. The items were packed into boxes by the clerical staff under the supervision of the HR Manager and double checked by her. Each care giver delivering the items was asked to take a photo of the distribution of the items of the child/family member when they received them.”