Bertoni Antiretroviral Treatment Site, Winterveld, Pretoria.

All ART clients still receive Scriptwise medication for ART drugs and laboratory analysis is provided by TOGA .  Orders are done fortnightly for Bertoni. Drugs are not yet available from the Department of Health.

The professional nurse is initiating and managing the ART patients.  She is NIMART trained.

Areas for community outreach have been identified.

HCT has been done since January 2012. We currently do HCT for children from 6 weeks upwards and enroll those who are eligible on ART. The challenge with children is that they often move to stay with other relatives, so tracing children is sometimes difficult.

The wellness programme is being offered to those patients  who are not eligible for ART. Patients attend on a monthly basis and for 6 month Cd4 count review.

Patients sometimes opt for traditional treatment or discontinue treatment as they feel better and do not think that medication is required. There is a defaulter remedial programme which helps to re-educate the patients. Home visits are done to defaulting patients.

INH prophylaxis is available now through the DOH, but our site has not put anyone on INH yet. We screen according to the TB guidelines, and refer to Hoekfontein and Phedisong 1 & 4, Mothutlung Clinic, where they redirect patients to appropriate facilities. The challenge for Bertoni TB clients is that since the wellness clinic has closed there are no TB services available.

We refer PMTCT patients to Hoekfontein and other neighboring clinics

Bertoni has been accredited as ART site by  the North West Province. The DOH system has been installed in Bertoni. We are currently reporting on 11 data element to Madibeng sub-district through CRS . All patient data  was migrated from the SACBC AIDS Office Patient data System (PDS) to the DOH system, but we are currently using both systems (PDS and so that appropriate reporting can be done both to PEPFAR and to the DOH.

Our social worker is attending a one year course funded through the Foundation for professional Development. (FPD).

We form part of the Mmakau stakeholders’ forum.

We are still awaiting feedback regarding the absorption of the Bertoni ART patients into the Madibeng District.