A Message Of Hope

We the people of Southern Africa find ourselves in the middle of a great crisis in our nations caused by HIV/AIDS.  Many people despair when they are stricken with HIV/AIDS because they feel rejected and sometimes are rejected by their families and communities.  Some even commit suicide.  In this desperate situation we, the Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa, bring a message of hope to all who are living with this killer disease:

Do not despair – you are not abandoned by Christ nor by us. When you find yourself in a hopeless situation on account of AIDS, Jesus, your brother, remains right next to you and never abandons you.  We encourage your families and communities to accept you with love and to stand by you.  We urge them not to abandon you but to continue Christ’s mission of mercy, compassion and love.  The Church loves you, welcomes you and reaches out to you in many ways.

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