Visit to Freedom Park ARV clinic, Diocese of Rustenburg

Visit to Freedom Park ARV clinic, Diocese of Rustenburg

PEPFAR is overseeing the transition of its treatment programme to the South African Department of Health, and officials from Washington and their Pretoria colleagues ( representing the Centres for Disease Control,  UAAID and the Office of the US Global AIDS Co-ordinator)  have been engaging with organisations delivering treatment services to understand how the process is being managed by all the role players.

One of the treatment sites visited was Tapologo in Phokeng, Diocese of Rustenburg, and one of its satellite centres in Freedom Park informal settlement in the platinum belt.

Tapologo provides ARV services in 8 clinics , seeing about 100 patients a day, three days a week.  There have been some successes in transferring patients to DOH clinics, but patients are by and large reluctant to move away from Church facilities and the care they know they are receiving.

Tapologo recognises the importance of relationships with the mine hospitals, private hospitals and the DOH.

From left to right: Paul Mahanna (USAID, Washington), Catherine Brokenshire-Scott (USAID, Pretoria), Johan Viljoen (SACBC AIDS Office, Pretoria), Tom Warne (CDC Pretoria), Mamadi yilla (Office of the US Global AIDS Co-ordinator), and Bishop Kevin Dowling Diocese of Rustenburg).