Orphans and vulnerable children in the Diocese of Kroonstad, Free State

Orphans and vulnerable children in the Diocese of Kroonstad, Free State

October 2013

Priscilla Rakhetsti of the SACBC AIDS Office visited Sasolburg, Deneysville, Parys, Vredefort, Heilbron, Edenvale, Bothaville , Viljoenskroon, Kroonstad and Virginia in the Diocese of Kroonstad which oversees an extensive orphans and vulnerable children project. These sites are in the Fezile Dabi and Lejweleputswa Districts.

There are nine sub sites in the Fezile Dabi district, of which six are drop in centres and three are operated from door-to-door. All the drop in centres in Fezile Dabi district meet the children on Saturdays for different activities.

The most common activities conducted within these centres are homework assistance, sports activities, HIV prevention education, Bible sharing, and hygiene education and talks.

Deneysville and Parys have income generating projects such as baking , jumping castle, tent and chairs for hire, and gardening.

All the centres have a good relationship with the local schools, clinics, SAPS and local social workers.

Follow up meeting on Lejweleputswa sub sites

There were 11 representatives from eleven sub sites in Lejweleputswa and each site was represented by one person in the meeting. The meeting was held at St Augustine Catholic Church in Virginia, chaired by Priscilla Rakhetsi. Sr Obehi and the Field worker Mrs Ndlaze were also present.

• Some sub sites have managed to create good linkages within their area of operation.
• Activity plan are in place now though door to door sub sites are still struggling to secure a venue where they could conduct different activities with children.
• Some sub sites have contacted local businessmen from whom they have received food donations and clothes.
• St Barbra sub site also received food donations from Boxer supermarket.