Newcastle Catholic ARV Project, Diocese of Dundee

Newcastle Catholic ARV Project, Diocese of Dundee

July-September 2012

The last three months were used effectively in terms of reviewing and adopting project policies. SACBC initiated discussions with DoH regarding staff takeover and other matters related to the future of the project. Also this period was used to test new methods of tracking patients while having weekly meetings with ART monitors instead of monthly meetings as in the past.

We have noted a new trend of patients who have been on long term treatment, were doing well and are now defaulting. We are investigating the cause and hopefully we’ll have answers soon. 

Data captures have been instructed to produce report (s) that will reflect monthly activities, reports that will enable a site based intervention. Mr. Linden of Catholic Relief Services has installed the DOH required Tier-net system to make us the first ART site in the district to have the system up and running. Much appreciated Tony.

We are making headway towards reaching out to all patients that have defaulted. We are working towards a zero default rate.