Visit to Ngwana swara atla saka, Diocese of Witbank

Visit to Ngwana swara atla saka, Diocese of Witbank

Nandi Sithole of the SACBC AIDS Office visited Ngwana swara atla saka in the Diocese of Witbank in February 2013.

The site has  managed to distribute all the house hold items to the families and  has built toilets for 20 families.  We visited some of the families and they were happy that the site was able to assist in this regard.

They had requested funding to build a water tank stand and buy a water tank.  It’s done but the tank is not up because some material was not delivered by the hardware store.  Follow ups were done and the hardware store promised to deliver in two weeks’ time as some of the items bought were out  of stock.

On the second day I had a meeting with all the staff members.   We also discussed creative and innovative ways of doing activities with children so that they are kept interested.  This  is one of the things that will make them enjoy coming to the centre.  The site indicated a need for psycho-social services workshop which will happen in March.

On the last day the management of the site and I met with the three ladies working at the crèche to try and find out from them what it is that the DSD is doing to assist them in running the crèche.  There is nothing that they are getting from the department ,  and yet they do their best in providing DSD with any information needed from them.

2013 will be the third year that they try to register their crèche with the department. They’ve failed the past two years because the people working in the department keep losing their files every year.  If assisted the crèche could generate money that could  help the HBC programme to continue to render services to the OVC . We need to engage the department and the board of the crèche.