Visit to Ndumo, Vicariate of Ingwavuma

Date: 5th – 9th November 2012

Purpose of the visit: to do an audit and also monitor and evaluate the recently repaired OVC homes

We  managed to do a few home visits with the coordinator on the second day.

First home visit Mthanti village

We visited a home where there are three children registered in the OVC programme who live with their mother.  We did not find anyone home when we arrived . A neighbour reported that the mother had goneto work in the field, they have planted some veggies and mealies.  The house was recently painted.









Second home visit Mthanti village

In this home there are six children, four are registered in the OVC programme.  The eldest daughter has a one year old child and is unemployed, the mother was also out working in the fields where they have their garden.









Third home visit Mwayi villages

The woman on the photo is a mother of three her children who are registered in the programme.  A one roomed house was built for her but could not be finished due to shortage of funds.










Below is the little hut that she currently stays in with her three children.









Fouth home visit

This is a family of 4, there are three children and a mother, on our arrival there was no one at home.  The house is not complete because the project fell short of money to finish.

Old hut









New uncompleted structure.










This structure was already started when the project jumped in to assist but due to financial challenges they could not finish either.

On the 3rd day we visited two other houses that also needed minor repairs and I urged the project coordinator to assist those two families.

We also went to Build It to negotiate a discount for the pit toilets that the site wants to buy. They assured us that the price they have quoted the site is an old price and not the current one.