Tsibogang Shelter Project

Tsibogang Shelter Project

Tsibogang Christian Action Group, Diocese of Kimberley  Shelter Project, July 2012

The Tsibogang Christian Action group reports that in July in the shelter renovation project  they  helped 37 households in which there are 92 adults and 132 OVC.

The Potsane family of 13 people had lived in a small shack in a poor condition. They slept on the floor using one blanket. The mother of the children was infected with TB. The size of the house was increased to  three rooms with two windows and one proper door. The floor was plastered with cement.

In the same village the Vertein family of 9 people lived in a shack with a leaking roof. They always became wet when it rained. The roof could be repaired, and is now waterproof. Two panes of glass were inserted, and a door so that the house can be properly closed.

The Mokwena’s family had lived in the yard of other people in a small shack. They were able to be moved  to their own stand where a stable shack was erected.

In Sweding the Motswaedi family, two adults and six OVC,  had lived in damaged house. A proper house built with block bricks was built.