The Love of Christ Children’s Home, Johannesburg, receives some winter clothes.

Phillipa Jarvis reports.  We love the idea of taking the children society has discarded and raising them to be productive and meaningful members of society. Realising that we could not raise all those in need it is our privilege and honour to act as a conduit between babies with no families and the adopters who will raise them. We believe this is a contribution in the fight to break the cycle of poverty.

The children were all orphaned or abandoned at birth. They came to the care of TLC as infants but due to illness or disability they remained in permanent care of the Jarvis family who run the project.

The Dlamini siblings arrived at TLC after their mother suffered a major stroke. Their biological father is an alcoholic and the mother retained serious physical disabilities after the stroke and was unable to care for herself or the children. The mother is however mentally capable and through the use of sign language was able to communicate that she did not want the children placed into adoption but would like TLC to provide care for them until they reach their majority. TLC agreed and helped the mother relocate to her ancestral home in KZN. We take the children to her several times a year for a visit and to make sure the mother is being well taken care of.

The main priority for us was shoes due to the fact that older children often battle to get good quality shoes second hand. Besides the shoes we were able to get jackets, tracksuits and a variety of good winter clothing for both boys and girls.

The Children’s Home comprises 2 accommodation units for 3 to 18 year olds giving a combined number of 33 children who benefitted from this winter clothes donation.