The Church’s Response to AIDS in Southern Africa

The Hague, May 2004

Bishop Frank Nubuasah SVD, Francistown, Botswana


In our Southern African context, the part of the world most affected by the AIDS pandemic, the Church has found itself wrestling with how to put into practice its gospel mandate to continue the mission of Jesus to bring the good news to the poor.  AIDS has challenged the continent and sub-Saharan Africa in particular as nothing else before it has done.  Twenty years into the pandemic we are seeing increasing numbers of deaths related to AIDS, especially in Southern Africa as the pandemic changes from being one of being infected by HIV to one of full blown AIDS itself.  What are the challenges to the Church and its membership that is facing horrendous realities on a daily basis as people in the prime of life die miserably because as yet there is no cure and no vaccine, and as most of them do not yet have access to the life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs that provide some measure of hope and relief? Download Here