Thafeni Family moves into a new house in Thaba Nchu

February 2013

Thaba Nchu (Motlatla Trust) Batho Ba Lerato, Bloemfontein

The Thafeni Family lives in one roomed shack that is not in good condition. Their house is in Motlatla Trust. This family is headed by a child of 20 years old and she is still attending school. There is no adult in this family and the number of children is 3, their names are (1). Thafeni Nozi;   (2). Thafeni Nosiphiwe;  (3) Thafeni Nosiswe

They depend on foster care grants. They have they big brother (25 years old) and he only come to them once a month when he brings their foster care grant.

The shack was divided with a curtain and they don’t have tap water in their yard, electricity and  a toilet. This shack was built by their grandparents before they passed away and the roof is leaking when it’s raining.

This family was referred to Batho ba Lerato by Motlatla Primary School. During the assessment and home visits we discovered that Thafeni’s family needs  care because they were living alone  in a one roomed shack alone. We saw a need for two-roomed house for this family.

The old shack

The Old Shack









Photos of the new completed house.

The New Completed House

Letters from the beneficiaries