Tapologo on track with ART patient transfer

Tapologo on track with ART patient transfer

February 2013

Theresa Bossert reports on some of the activities around “transitioning Tapologo’s patients to DoH clinics as PEPFAR funding winds down in the programme:

Tapologo has been receiving ARVs from DoH since December 2013, they have also been receiving some opportunistic infection medication like Cotrimoxizol and some vitamins.

Tapologo has identified that they need to communicate clearly with the local clinics about initiating and stabilising patients and then transferring them into the DoH system: the information from meetings with sub-district and cluster managers is not filtering down to clinics.

Tapologo also identified the need to improve the patient counselling regarding transferring patients to DoH; better communication from nurses and caregivers is needed.

The Tapologo pharmacy looks good and is functioning very well, Cornelia Jacobs is the pharmacist assistant and she is overseen by the regional DoH pharmacist. She reported that DoH had some drug shortages, but because of Tapologo’s good planning they were not affected.

Basetsana attended “STI, Condoms, pregnancy” training with DoH North West 3-7 February 2014; she also attended the DoH North West operational plan meeting 20 February 2014.

Six caregivers attended the Foundation for Professional Development training in Ave Maria Tzaneen on counselling and testing; they came back so inspired and just wanted to share the knowledge they gained.

Tapologo is transferring patients out; the strategy is to transfer stable patients and make space for new ones. Many of the transferred patients are given the choice to stay on in the home visit programme. This allows for caregivers to follow up on their arrival at DoH clinics, and this is already documented on the patient cards.