St Joseph's Care and Support Trust, Bronkhorstspruit, Archdiocese of Pretoria, helps with mattresses

St Joseph’s Care and Support Trust, Bronkhorstspruit, Archdiocese of Pretoria, helps with mattresses

St Joseph’s Care and Support Trust, Bronkhorstspruit, Archdiocese of Pretoria reports on the support it managed to provide to some vulnerable families affected by HIV and AIDS.

Some families affected by HIV and AIDS in the programme run by St Joseph’s Care and Support Trust were assisted with mattresses and some household utensils through the SACBC AIDS Office.

The organisation is currently running 6 drop in centres in six different communities where home visits are done regularly to check the wellbeing of the families. After home visits findings are recorded in the individual’s file. A SOWETO CARE score tool is used to carry out holistic assessments where the families’ resources, safety, emotions and financial situations are looked at so as to identify the exact needs of the family.

Most of the families identified for interventions survive on the child support grant which is not enough to buy food and pay monthly expenses. Most of them sleep on reed mats on the floor and during winter children get sick due to cold weather and not having enough warm blankets.

Family One :  The family shares a three roomed shack. The floor of the shack is not plastered. There is a tap outside where they fetch water provided by the municipality. There is electricity in the house but due to financial constraints the family uses a coal stove. The family shares a pit toilet in the yard.

The father survives on selling firewood he gets from Ekandustria at a door factory where the company dumps the offcuts. The family’s reliable source of income is the child support grant of R290 at the end of every month.

The child is doing grade 10 and coping very well at Lingitjhudu high school in Dark City.

The father has a bed and the daughter sleeps on the floor, in dust with one blanket. The shack leaks during the  rainy season. In the kitchen there is only an old coal stove. They have only two old pots without lids and two old plates. The child benefits from clothes she gets from people in the community. The child asks for toiletries from their neighbour.

The family is still in need of blankets and the floor of their shack also needs to be plastered. In the long run a two roomed house will be of great value to the family.

Family Two

The client, is a single parent who is unemployed living with her four children (two boys and two girls) between the ages 2 years and  14 years. They are living in a two roomed RDP house which was given to her by her maternal grandmother who passed away in 2006.   The children are sleeping on the floor and the mother sleeps with the little one on a very old bed.  The family doesn’t have furniture and other house hold items.

The client and her youngest daughter (Zanele) are HIV positive and currently taking ARV’s from the local clinic. The child is a beneficiary of the St Josephs breakfast scheme that is running on a weekly basis.

The family survives on a child support grant for four children which amounts to R1 160.00 per month. Due to financial constraints the client doesn’t get to manage her income well, with debts at local spaza shops.  Efforts have been made to assist the client with budgeting but after a few months and without our knowledge she is again  trapped in a web of debts.

The client is a member of the local Apostolic church.  The children are going to the local primary school and are performing very well in different grades. The two year old goes to the drop in centre in the morning accompanied by the mother to get breakfast and they all come in the afternoon to the drop in centre for lunch and psychosocial activities.

The client was very excited to have been a recipient of the items she got. She appreciated even a dish to wash in since they have been using a small bucket to bath. She was happy since all those things bought for her really impacted positively in their lives since they did not have them.

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