Sizanani Outreach

Sizanani Outreach

Sizanani Outreach, Nkandla, Diocese of Eshowe
Sizanani Outreach programme reported in August 2012


During the month of August 2012, homework assistance for the children continued as in previous months. The children now see homework supervision as helpful and beneficial to their education, rather than burdensome and unnecessary. Assessing the type of educational support needed for each child, providing supervision for homework and assisting children with learning barriers, are some of our key objectives. However it remains very difficult to find assistance for the children with learning difficulties.  New Generation Preparatory School, Sthandiwe Special School and Masisizane Special School were visited to monitor the progress of children.


Children who required special medication were referred to hospital or clinics and they were properly attended to, with follow up appointments logged. The staff meeting, as well as the hand over meeting which is held twice a month with the two teams of child care workers, has proven to be a good thing for making sure that this happens correctly, especially monitoring of appointments and reporting. Our personal hygiene programme is going very well and it seems to be having a positive effect on many of the children.  Four children were referred to Nkandla Hospital; five were referred to the onsite nurse, three to the Mpandleni clinic, one to Ngwelezane hospital and the other to King Edward Hospital, while the monthly supply of ART was collected for children from the Lethithemba ARV clinic.


A unification service was conducted for an 11 year old boy in the area of Chwezi who had not met his father  since he was born. There were rumours that a man who looked like this boy had been seen in the area, but no one knew him for sure. The social worker together followed up on the rumours and finally came to the truth that indeed the person was the father of the child. The social worker met this person after the photo of the late mother of the child had been shown to him and he admitted that he had had a relationship with the woman. The family met to give evidence and the father of the child admitted that he knew about all the allegations, the child was introduced by the social worker and he welcomed his son.